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Posted on: 19-11-2013

With development in VLSI technology, there is a rising demand for qualified VLSI designers. A strong foundation in Verilog are prerequisites in moving towards a successful career as a VLSI designer. Online courses with CEDA provide you with the right study material and guidance, that too at the comfort of your home. CEDA Digital Design with VERILOG training course will help you to learn to understand, design, test, and implement complex digital hardware. You will learn to use Verilog, one of the widely used industry-standard hardware description languages to develop digital hardware at a much higher level of abstraction than is possible with schematic-based design methods.

With this course you will gain a stronghold on the fundamental concepts of Verilog and ample opportunities for hands-on practice. We start with the introduction to VLSI and HDLs. Rest of the course is divided into modules as listed below:

Module 1: Hierarchical Modeling Concepts 
• Design Methodology 
• Components of Verilog Module 
• Design Blocks and Stimulus Block 
Module 2: Basic Concepts 
• Types of Modeling 
• Data Types in Verilog, System Task 
Module 3: Gate Level Modeling 
• Gate Types 
• Gate Delays 
• Vectors in Verilog 
• Writing Verilog Modules 
Module 4: Dataflow Modeling 
• Type of Operators 
• Continuous assignment statement 
• Regular assignment delay 
Module 5: Behavioral Modeling 
• Procedural Assignment Statements 
• Timing Control Statements 
• Condirional statements 
• Block Statements 
• Loops 
• Design of Flip-flops 
If you are an engineer new to Hardware Description Languages or a college student and need to use Verilog as part of their University 
curriculum, this is tailor made course for you.



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