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Lunaris DDC SDR Receiver with 16-BIT ADC 

based on HPSDR HERMES SDR design

Description: Lunaris-SDR is a single board Digital Up and Down Conversion (DUC/DDC) full duplex HF+6m multi-mode 10W transceiver & a Vector Network Analyser, which is one of the finest SDR available.

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Lunaris-SDR is a single board Digital Up and Down Conversion (DUC/DDC) full duplex HF+6m multi-mode 10W transceiver & a Vector Network Analyser, which is one of the finest SDR available.

Lunaris supports open source software :

  • PowerSDR Windows
  • GHPSDR-Linux
  • KISS CONSOLE -Windows
  • CuSDR
  • Gnu Radio
  • G0ORX's Android and Java based software
  • and other popular Open Source software

Lunaris-SDR+VNA incorporates the CEDA-Labz CHIRON DUC/DDC Receiver board. It is a highly integrated SDR with additional features built on-board - Vector Network Analyser, On board speaker, 10Mhz internal / external auto switching and Highly Thermal-Efficient Board design which will enhance your product life and will reduce frequency drifting trouble. Complete Lunaris SDR solution includes 10 watt linear amplifier and Low Pass Filters in a rugged aluminum enclosure.The Lunaris SDR enclosure provides sufficient cooling for operation in hot and humid environmentsFurther added OPTO-isolated PTT out so no more frying of FPGAS/rigs. Shielding provision has been added to Receiver Section- to have better crosstalk and EMI-RFI compliance.

 The Lunaris 610 SDR allows the user to easily configure the transceiver to use either local transmitter samples, or an external directional coupler/sampler with a direct connection the receiver input, to obtain high quality PureSignal samples.

Lunaris Transceiver outputs 10 Watt RF power on 160-10m and 6m amateur band. The LPF board consists of seven relay switched low pass filters for transmitter harmonic suppression. It has three external BNC connectors, described below:

  • Antenna 1 transmit-receive
  • Antenna 2 transmit-receive
  • Antenna 3 transmit-receive 

The Lunaris 610 SDR + VNA is an unmatched SDR+VNA in the market today.  The Lunaris 610 SDR provides unique usability features not available elsewhere.  CEDA-Labz is "user driven" and encourages interested users to email suggestions or wish lists of features you would like to see included in future products, we will be happy to respond to you.  Email to : cedalabz at gmail dot com

Lunaris is available in:

  1. Bare PCB :Bare board, Bill of Materials and Solder-Paste stencil file available for users who wish to construct a home built radio.
  2. Assembled and Tested Board with 30 days warranty

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LunarisSDR is a single board Digital Up and Down Conversion (DUC/DDC) full duplex HF + 6meter multi-mode Receiver and a VNA.

Lunaris Possible uses

  • Radio Astronomy
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • General Purpose ADC board
  • Software Defined Receiver
  • Short Wave Listening (SWL)
  • Amateur Radio HF Receiver 
  • Amateur Radio IF Receiver
  • Panoramic Adapter for Communication Receivers (Any IF)
  • FPGA based SDR Development Platform
  • Ultrasound Receiver
  • Radio Astronomy
  • VLF Experimentation
  • SDR Education
  • Interferometer for passive RF signal  location
  • Vector Network Analyser, has got many application further it can be used as Antenna Analyzer
The LUNARIS 610 Key features and facilities:
  • 16 BIT ADC
  • Transmitter two-tone 3rd order IMD of -50dBc on 20m @ 400mW O/P from lunaris main board                      
  • Built-in high performance preamp, with a noise floor typically -135dBm in 500Hz
  • Software-selectable 31dB input attenuator in 1dB steps
  • FPGA code can be updated via the Ethernet connection
  • Seven user-configurable open-collector outputs, independently selectable per band and Tx/Rx (for relay control, etc.)
  • Separate open-collector PTT connection for amplifier control, etc.
  • Microphone PTT jumper-selectable from tip or ring connection
  • Jumper selectable configuration for dynamic or electret\condenser microphones
  • Bias for electret microphones via jumper
  • Four user-configurable 12 bit analog inputs (for ALC, SWR etc.)
  • Three user-configurable digital inputs (for linear amplifier over temperature, etc.)
  • Can operate from a 12-13.8V DC
  • Built in 3.5 amp very low noise, high effciency DC-DC Converter (on board power supply)
  • I2C bus connector for control of external equipment
  • QSK operation (performance dependant on associated PC and control software)
  • Low-level transmitter output for Transverter port 
  • Stereo audio outputs at line and headphone levels
  • In-built 1W stereo audio amplifier for directly driving speakers
  • Direct, de-bounced connections for a Morse key (straight or iambic) and PTT
  • Low phase noise (-140dBc/Hz @ 1kHz at 14MHz) 122.88MHz master clock, which can be phase-locked to an internal 10MHz TCXO or external frequency reference
  • 10MHz reference frequency stability - 100ppb (High precision TCXO)
  • Direct ribbon cable interface to Alex low and high pass filter
  • Industry Standard TCP/IP network Ethernet interface supports static, APIPA or DHCP IP address
  • CHIRON responds to ping and ARP requests, auto senses Ethernet cable connection and connection speed
  • 8-layer Hi-Speed Board design
  • Signal Integrity &, Power Integrity Analysis, EMC and Resonance Test on PCB Layout Design has been performed satisfactorily
  • Supports 7 High Independent Receivers on a single ADC. 
  • Internal, switched speaker, ideal for minimalist setups or portable operation.
  • Can be used as Vector Network Analyzer -Vector Network Analyzer Reflection bridge included
  • Automatic switching between internal 0.1pbb 10Mhz TCXO and external precision reference source
  • The Lunaris SDR enclosure provides sufficient cooling for operation in hot and humid environments
  • The Chiron DDC/DUC transceiver board designed with the homebrewer in mind
  • Added Heatsink on board to dissipate heat
  • 3 VNA Reflection bridge SMA connectors on rear panel 
  • On Board PTT IN port
  • Opto Isolated PTT-OUT
  • On Board Line-level input and Line-level output port
  • Tough 4mm thick Aluminium DieCast Enclosure  (Size in mm/inch- 180/7.09 L * 144/5.67 B * 57.5/2.26 H )
  • Altera Cyclone III EP3C40Q240 FPGA
  • Ten user programmable debug LEDs internal on board
  • ADC overload LED
  • Reverse Polarity protection in Power-IN port
  • Optimized for rugged use
... coming up Lunaris with Two Receivers


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Name Description Date Type Download link
Lunaris Functional Diagram Lunaris610 Functional Block 8th May 2015 Download
LunarisSDR_Brochure LunarisSDR610 + VNA Brochure 29th May 2015 Download
DipSwitch_MIC_setting DIP switch MIC setting - access through bottom of the enclosure 9thMay2015 Download
CHIRON_DDC DUC Transceiver_Release1 CHIRON_SDR Transceiver Schematics 14th May 2015 Download
CHIRON_PA and LPF_Release1 CHIRON_Pennywhistle Amplifier and Alex LPF Rev2 14th May 2015 Download
Bottom Plate Lunaris SDR Bottom Enclosure openings for easy accessibility of all ports 14th May 2015 Download


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