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DC-DC Adapters MIL STD 810F & MIL 461E 

Description: DC to DC Convertors for Panasonic, Getac & many more Tough Book PC  NEW PRICE Updated on 20th August2022

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DC to DC Convertors for Panasonic, Getac & many more Tough Book PC 

NEW PRICE Updated on 20th August2022

GE3619-05 is manufactured by CEDA-Labz is a  Wide-input Modular DC-DC Power Adapter provides a regulated DC voltage output to power laptop and other devices from any 9-36 source. Voltage spikes or surges occurring on the input voltage line are filtered by the adapter eliminating the possibility of damage to the laptop due to supply voltage variations. The adapters are housed in rugged aluminium enclosure for durability and the internal components are epoxy sealed for shock, vibration and dust resistance. This makes them suitable for Military Vehicles.


·        Rugged Extruded Aluminium enclosure modular design DC to DC converter

·        Flanged ends for easy solid mount installation

·        Detachable cables,  field replaceable, available in long lengths

·        Terminal screws for connecting input/output cabling

·        User defined Input/ Output cabling

·        Wide input voltage range of 9-96 Vdc

·        Electrical safeguards that protect laptop and adapter

·        Dependable, continuous operations at rated power

·        Compliant with MIL STD 810F and 461E

Adapters available for 12, 24, 36V input. We can provide output voltage as per your requirement

Specially designed for all popular laptop including: Panasonic, Dell, Motion, Xplore, HP, IBM-Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Fujitsu, Gateway and most others. No customer configuration required.  

Please contact us for assistance.

  • Automotive Systems
  • Telecom Systems
  • DC Power Distribution Systems
  • High Power Battery- Operated Devices 
  • Solar Systems
  • Industrial Control
  • Telecom Voltage stabilizer
  • Military Vehicles with 48Volt DC Bus
  • Truck, Boat and Industrial applications
  • Compatible with PANASONIC TOUGHBOOK models :- Toughbook 19, Toughbook C2, Toughbook F9, Toughbook H2, Toughbook SX2, Toughbook U1, Toughpad E1, Toughpad G1, Toughpad M1, Toughpad X1, Toughbook AX3, Toughpad B2
  • Compatible with GETAC ToughBook models:- B300, F110, P470, S400, V110, M230, V100, V200, X500, A770, A790, E100, E110, W130
These list are partial - we provide for almost all mfrs. Acer, Apple, Asus, Brother/Pentax, Canon, Compaq, Dell, Epson Fujitsu, Gateway, Itronix, HP, HP compaq, Micron, Motion Computing, Motorola, Planar, Panasonic, Samsung Seiko, Sony, Toshiba

Adapters available for 12, 24, 36V input; Compliant with MIL STD 810F and 461E


 Input DC voltage range      

    10-36 V

 Input Low voltage

   If battery voltage is below 10V the adapter will turn off  

   [this will avoid battery drain/discharge]

 Input Protection

   Reverse Polarity

 Load dump protection

   Useful automotive application. Designed to meet ISO


 Output protection

   short circuit protection, output over voltage


 Output current

   up to 10 amps (max)                                                                                                                    

 Input and Output Termination

   Through POWER DIN Socket

 Output Power

   100/200 Watts

 Input Noise Filter   

   EMI/RFI - designed to meet MIL STD 810F, MIL STD-

   12750, MIL STD-461E


   Soft start over current with auto recovery


   LED for Output

 Drop down & vibration test

   10 feet

 Temp. Range (operating)

   -20º C to 60ºC                                                                                                         

 Temp. Range (non-operating)

   -55º C to 100ºC                                                                       

 Over temperature Shutdown

   stays OFF till its cooled down to safe temperature

 Humidity Range  

   0 to 95%, non- condensing                                                                                   

 Altitude Range

   1 to 10,000 metres


   9.2"(l) x 3.4"(b)x 1.5"(h)


   2.75 lbs approx.


   10 years




So far we have sold around 14000 nos. with no complaint we received


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